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ctys-RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol Interface


   ctys -t RDP -a action[=<suboptions>] ...
   ctys -T RDP -a action[=<suboptions>] ...
   ctys -T ALL -a action[=<suboptions>] ...



This plugin is actually in alpha-release, thus might have some drawbacks. The interface and integration of tools is going to be extended, currently rdesktop is the only supported client.

This plugin manages within the UnifiedSessionManger RDP sessions particularly to VirtualBox(TM) and Microsof-Windows(TM) based machines. Due to the intention of the RDP protocol this plugin has only a client component and utilizes any server providing access for RDP based client attachement. The RDP plugin encapsulates and handles the complete interaction with the local and remote components provided by means of the client rdesktop.

SSH based connections are the only one supported, thus the only actual connections allowed are to 'localhost'. In case of servers not offering the local-only attachement the user should setup additional security measures e.g. by activating packetfilter rules. The 'unmentioned-exception' within the UnifiedSessionsManager is the attachement of consoles to NON-Unix boxes. In that case a network connection is required for the current version(might change soon) and should be used in secure segments only, e.g. by usage of the ctys-beamer to inteconnect to a secure gateway by an SSH tunnel and bridging the last hop by native RDP.

The sessions are generally categorized into two basic configurations, the coallocation of the client with the targeted server - DISPLAYFORWARDING - and the distributed client and server location on different hosts - CONNECTIONFORWARDING . In the latter case an intermediary SSH tunnel is created, which handles the port-forwarding and an has to do a remapping due to ambiguity within the network scope. Thus the local port number and the remote portnumber on the server may frequently differ. The required option to control the forwarding is -L.

Additional information containing use-cases with application examples is available from ctys-uc-RDP.


-a action[=<suboptions>]


For RDP the following parts of a <machine-address> are applicable: ID|I, LABEL|L. When the RDP client is used in shared-mode, the address applies to all sharing clients are handled as one logical unit and CANCEL is applied to all at once. The address could be supported with multiple instances.

All enumerates are handled identical due to a client only applicability.


For RDP the following parts of a <machine-address> are applicable: LABEL|L and port, here RDPPORT. When the RDP server is used in shared-mode, the address applies to all sharing clients. The LABEL suboption is here mandatory.

Almost the same as REUSE, but no new server will be started if missing.

Current version supports rdesktop.

The external(!=localhost) host to be accessed by remotely attached RDP client. This is foreseen for blackboxes and access to MS-Windows(TM) based hosts. It should not be forced for UNIX/Linux based boxes.

Similiar to REUSE, with the difference, that any previous active client will be killed before attaching ONE new client. Therefore in shared mode, when multiple clients could simultaneously share one server, all sharing clients are handled as one logical unit and will be thus killed together. Specific exchange of a single client is not supported.

A special may be recognized, when a local client of a CONNECTIONFORWARDING is going to be reconnected, the replacement has to be of the same forwarding type. This applies in general, though one machine is accessed for the new client only.

Not applicable.

The same output as common standard.


ctys(1) , ctys-plugins(1) , ctys-uc-RDP(7)

For System Tools:
rdesktop: [ http://www.rdesktop.org ]


Written and maintained by Arno-Can Uestuensoez:

Maintenance: <<acue_sf1 (a) sourceforge net>>
Homepage: <http://www.UnifiedSessionsManager.org>
Sourceforge.net: <http://sourceforge.net/projects/ctys>
Berlios.de: <http://ctys.berlios.de>
Commercial: <http://www.i4p.com>


Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010 Ingenieurbuero Arno-Can Uestuensoez

This is software and documentation from BASE package,

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