August, 2010



ctys-plugins - verifies current install status of ctys



   [-d <common-debug-option>]
   [-E ]
   [-H <help-options>]
   [-l <remote-user>]
   [-t <plugin-type>]
   [-T <plugin-preload-typelist>]
   [-Z <set-sudo-ksu>]


ctys-plugins is a test-tool for verification and analysis of the current status of the installation of ctys and present plugins.

ctys SW-Layers and Plugins

Due to some restrictions it operates partly on a basic level, involving some specific pre-defined trace levels for output control. The required options are documented in the following sections. Extended trace-levels neccessarily require some deeper familiarity with internal design, which is normally not required for top-level handling.

The utility could be performed locall or remotel by full support of ctys-addressing but without context options on the command line. If for whatever reasons remote context options are reuqired, than could be applied to macro definitions only. For now the following main tasks are performed by ctys-plugin:

The output is splitted into 3 sections:




-d <debug-options>
This option is the common analysis and debugging facility of the UnifiedSessionsManager. Due to the wide scope it is maybe somewhat "like a developer interface".

Anyhow, the most important application is for installation and first time systems configuration by analysis of the called system utilities. The difficulties with the bunch of utilized systems calls frequently leads to some trouble, which becomes immediately obvious, once the output of the following call is displayed:

"ctys-plugins -d 64,P -T all -E"

This call checks all system calls for the current node as a final execution location. The availability as well as (some) access permissions are evaluated. When things don't work, this call is the first instance to "ask". The "-d" option activates a bit-pattern style debug-level by "P" suboption. Than the bit "64" is set, which is the predefined variable "D_SYS", tracing the internal call-wrapper, almost exclusively used for system calls. When not appropriate, the workaround is implemented in a seamless style. The "-T" option sets simply "all" plugings to be loaded and initialized. The "-E" option executes a final destination call, instead of an initial or intermediary RELAY-call.

The following call performs almost the same, but as the current node as a client or RELAY.

  "ctys-plugins -d 64,P -T all"

Check for local host as final execution target, this forces full verification. If "-E" is not set, only required functionality for a client role is validated, which could be for some packages almost the same and though treated as.

This is e.g. the case for PM.
This is e.g. not the case for XEN, which obviously requires a completly different runtime environment for it's clients than within the server as Dom0/DomU
This e.g. could be or not the case for VMW, depends on type of product + version + requested type of client.

Print help, refer to "-H" for additional information.

-H <help-option>
The extended help option is based on system interfaces for display of manpages, PDF and HTML documents. This comprises the man pages and installed manuals.

For additional help refer to the documents or type ctys -H help.

-l <remote-user>
The remote user.

Displays a short list of overall states for selected plugins on each target.

  ctys-plugins -E -T all --quick-list localhost

  Hostname Plugin Accelerator Version        MAGIC-ID    State
  acue@ws2 CLI                01.06.001a09   CLIBASH     ENABLED
  acue@ws2 RDP                01.11.007alpha RDPRD       ENABLED
  acue@ws2 VNC                01.10.013      VNCR4       ENABLED
  acue@ws2 X11                01.06.001a09   X11         ENABLED
  acue@ws2 QEMU   QEMU        01.10.013      QEMU_091    DISABLED
  acue@ws2 VBOX               01.11.006alpha NOLOC       DISABLED
  acue@ws2 VMW                01.11.005      VMW_GENERIC DISABLED
  acue@ws2 XEN                01.10.013      DISABLED    DISABLED
  acue@ws2 PM     VMX         01.10.008      PM_Linux    ENABLED

Displays a short table of overall states for selected plugins.

The following call contains the 'ctys-groups' call for stripping off context arguments, which in some cases are valid, thus could not be dropped in general. When this is not done, some might be detected as valid and lead to execution. In future releases a new scanner and parser are foreseen to be provided, which will clear this specific.

  ctys-plugins -T all -E --quick-tab $(ctys-groups -X -m 8 netscan/all)

For limitation of error messages and some ssh info the error channel should be redirected.

  ctys-plugins -T all -E --quick-tab $(ctys-groups -X -m 8 netscan/all)\
This results to the following list, where the output order may vary call-by-call due to parallel execution.

  Hostname          | PM  | CLI X11 VNC RDP | KVM  QEMU  VBOX VMW  XEN
  root@lab05.soho   | PAE | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    S2   -  
  root@lab02.soho   | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    QEMU  V    -    -  
  root@hydra.soho   | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    -    -  
  root@delphi.soho  | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    S1   -  
  root@olymp.soho   | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    -    -  
  root@app1.soho    | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    -    -  
  root@app2.soho    | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    -    -  
  root@lab04        | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    W7   -  
  acue@lab04        | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    QEMU  -    W7   -  
  vadmin@delphi.soho| VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    S1   -  
  acue@lab05.soho   | PAE | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    S2   -  
  acue@lab02.soho   | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    QEMU  V    -    -  
  acue@delphi.soho  | VMX | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    S1   -  
  root@lab03        | PAE | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    -    HVM
  root@lab01.soho   | PAE | x   x   x   -   | -    -     -    -    PAR
  5000@lab01.soho   | PAE | x   x   x   -   | -    -     -    -    -  
  acue@lab03        | PAE | x   x   x   x   | -    -     -    -    -  
  acue@app1.soho    | VMX | x   x   x   x   | KVM  KVM   -    -    -  
  acue@app2.soho    | VMX | x   x   x   x   | KVM  KVM   -    -    -  

Where the fields have the semantics as given by following list, the values are foreseen to be expanded for more details:

  1. PM: Type of CPU support
    • VMX: Intel VT-X
    • SVN: AMD SVN
    • PAE: Extended Mem by PAE

  2. HOSTS: CLI, X11, VNC, RDP
    • x: ENABLED
    • else: DISABLED

    • Common:
      • V: ENABLED
      • -: DISABLED
    • KVM: Fully ENABLED, else check
      • Module
      • VDE-Switch
    • QEMU: ENABLED without KVM-Support, else check
      • Module
      • VDE-Switch
    • VMW
      • P[123]: Player
      • S[12]: Server
      • W[67]: Workstation
      • C2: Client only with standalone remote console VMRC.
    • XEN
      • HVM: Fully ENABLED, else check
        • Kernel
        • Access: sudo, ksu
      • PARA: ENABLED with para-virtualisation only, else check
        • Kernel
        • Access: sudo, ksu

The output display shows e.g. that:

-t <plugin-type>
The type of plugin to be set to BUSY(4), this is any SINGLE plugin as applicable by "ctys -t ..." call.

-T <plugin-preload-typelist>
The prefetch list of plugins to be set to IDLE(2), before performing, this is any comma seperated LIST of plugins as applicable by "ctys -T ..." call.


Terse output format, effects "-V" when set left-of.

-Z <set-sudo-ksu>
Sets appropriate access permissions by sudoers and/or kerberos/ksu. For additonal information refer to Z-OPTION.



An optional list of <execution-target>. When the "-P" option is choosen, the remote files will be updated, when suffitient permissions are available, else the output is collected locally. The call is simply mapped to a call of the CLI plugin with the option CMD, thus works syncronuous and sequential.



0: OK:
Result is valid.

1: NOK:
Erroneous parameters.

2: NOK:
Missing an environment element like files or databases.


ctys plugins
ctys-KVM(7), ctys-QEMU(7), ctys-VMV(7), ctys-XEN(7), ctys-VBOX(7)
ctys-CLI(7), ctys-PM(7), ctys-VNC(7), ctys-X11(7)

ctys executables

system executables


Written and maintained by Arno-Can Uestuensoez:

Maintenance: <<acue_sf1 (a) sourceforge net>>
Homepage: <http://www.UnifiedSessionsManager.org>
Sourceforge.net: <http://sourceforge.net/projects/ctys>
Berlios.de: <http://ctys.berlios.de>
Commercial: <http://www.i4p.com>


Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010 Ingenieurbuero Arno-Can Uestuensoez

This is software and documentation from BASE package,

For additional information refer to enclosed Releasenotes and License files.