Desktop Integration for Gnome - gnome-starter

This example shows the first step of graphical integration by "zenity" utily of Gnome. Therefore a starter utility is provided, which generates from the automaticly created operational database a tiny starter application. This provides the start of physical machines as well as virtualmachines, and in addition the native login to host and guest OSs.

This particularly comprises the graphical start of any supported VM, PM and the Login by a vendor independent standard interface with "mouse interaction" only.

The current version supports:

  • Hypervisor: KVM/QEMU(TM), VirtualBox(TM), VMware(TM), Xen(TM)
  • Betriebssysteme: Linux(TM), FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris(TM), Solaris(TM)
  • Desktops uand Consoles: CLI, RDP, VNC, X11

Therefore all connections - including the remote graphical user interfaces - are encrypted by OpenSSH.

for additional information refer to Online-Help ctys-configuration-Gnome(7)

Setup steps CREATE CREATE-Confirm LOGIN LOGIN-Confirm
Database Integration Starter List for CONSOLE Starter for CONSOLE Starter List for LOGIN Starter for LOGIN

Desktop Integration in Gnome - Manual Menue Entry

This example shows the start of a VM containing MS-Windows2000(TM) by a Gnome menue entry.

The following call is for display purposes splitted into multiple lines.

      -t vmw 
      -a create=reuse,l:office001,b:/mntn/vmpool/vmpool03/vmw/office,user:acue 
      -g 1268x994:A11:ALL 
      -b 1 
      -c local

Actually the entry is one line only.

"/homen/acue/bin/ctys delphi'(-t vmw -a create=reuse,l:office001,b:/mntn/vmpool/vmpool03/vmw/office,user:acue -g 1268x994:A11:ALL -b 1 -c local)'"

Setup steps Setup steps Setup steps
Menue integration Login MS-Windows2000(TM) desktop

Online Manuals

The help-interface provides in addition to the common man-pages the formats HTML and PDF. Therefore for each format the appropriate viewer, a HTML-Browser or a PDF-Viewer are started. This could be in addition easily integrated to user interfaces by simply defining a menue item.

man html pdf Gnome Gnome
MAN Pages
ctys -H man
ctys -H html
ctys -H pdf
Anzeige eines beliebigen Documents
ctys -H html=Gnome
Anzeige Grafik
ctys -H html=cover
man man man
Online-Manual mit BASE-Paket
ctys -H html=base
Online-Manual mit DOC-Paket
ctys -H html=doc
Listen verfügbarer Dokumente
ctys -H list

Multiple Sessions on X11-Xinerama - Updated

This example demonstrates the seamless usage of intermixed Client and Server-Virtualization with current versions of Hypervisors.

Starter Group Starter Group Physical Screen View Logical Xinerama Layout
Starter GROUP ctys-groups -m 5 demo/vm-desktop-01 Physical Screen-View Logical Xinerama Layout

Multiple Sessions on X11-Xinerama

This example demonstrates the seamless usage of intermixed Client and Server-Virtualization.

Physical Screen View Logical Xinerama Layout
Physical Screen-View Logical Xinerama Layout

VLANs by Gateway

This demonstrates the utilization of a gateway for access to a Asterisk server within a different VLAN.

Script source for initial startup Logical Representation

Start Server Consoles

This example shows the procedures for the startup of a management desktop/workspace for Server administration. These remote desktops are transfered through an SSH tunnels and connected to UNIX-Domain-Sockets at their termination points. Thus could be applied to publich servers quite secure.

ctys-vping ctys-vping mit SSH-Access ctys admin/admin0 Server-Konsolen Server-Konsolen
Optional check of group members by
Optional check of permissions for login to the target machines by
'ctys-vping -s'
Start workspace/desktop by 'ctys admin/admin0' Logical desktop view Optional check of group members by

Emacs based Development Environment

This example demonstrates an Emacs based Development Environment including additional windows.

rd01-sh rd01-sh
Script source for initial startup Logical Representation

Multiple-Plattforms Production Environment

This example demonstrates a production environment with logins to multiple systems for the production of various intsall packages. Here tgz on Debian and rpm on CentOS.

prod01-sh prod01-sh
Script source for initial startup Logical Representation

Static Multiple-Languages HTML Development Environment

This example demonstrates the startup of a development environment for the various static versions of the "" site. The site is based on the template PixelGreen 1.2 from Author: Mr. Erwin Aligam ( .

ctys-vping ctys-vping
Script source for initial startup Logical Representation

Multiple-Format Document Production

This example demonstrates the startup of a productin environment for the various documents in several formats.

Latex Latex
Script source for initial startup Logical Representation

Documentation and Multi-Format Document Generation with Latex

This example depicts a pre-configured work environment for development of multi-language documents. This comprises a 'text2tags' and 'Latex' based Make environment for the creation of the various documents for the UnifiedSessionsManager.

Latex Latex
Side-view of a documentation workspace. Front-view of a documentation workspace.

Distributed Virtual Compile Farm

The following schreenshots depict the cross compilation process of linux rpm-packages.

Compilation execution Compilation result

Remote Console with Change Directory

This example demonstrates the creation of a console, here an Emacs shell buffer.

X11-Console with dynamic Change Directory CLI-Console with dynamic Change Directory Emacs-Console with dynamic Change Directory
Gnome-terminal Shell-CLI EMACS Console with Change Directory

Dynamic VNC-Desktop Configuration

This example demonstrates the dynamic assembly of task-specific desktops based on VNC.

Basic Desktop Add Emacs-Console Add VNC-Desktop
Base assembly Add Emacs-Console Add embedded VNC-Desktop