Concepts, Interfaces and Technologies

  1. Yet Another Integration Framework - Your personal CloudComposer
    Slides depicting the concepts and fields of targeted application.

  2. User Centric Service Clouds - Interface Concepts
    A first view - Basic functions and concepts.

  3. Whitepaper: "UnifiedSessionsManager - A Service Management Approach for CloudComputing"
    The application of virtualization and CloudComputing services with the UnifiedSessionsManager as your personal Service-Manager for Private-Clouds and Public-Clouds - HTML / PDF .

  4. Subsytems and Plugins, modular extendable by a comprehensive toolset fo application and administration. Reliable secure operations by exclusive usage of OpenSSH for remote connections.

  5. The subsystem HOSTs - native access to operations systems by CLI , RDP , VNC , and X11 .

    By utilization of rdesktop support for remote boxen with Microsoft(TM) based systems running Windows-NT/XP/2K/200x. E.g. completely automated by ctys-beamer with multi-hop SSH tunnels and terminating RDP gateway excuting Linux/BSD/Solaris.

  6. The subsystem VMs - Control Interface for hypervisors and emulators: KVM , QEMU , VBOX , VMW und XEN , soon OVZ - OpenVZ.

  7. The subsystem PM - acces to physical maschins with WoL and soon IPMI support.

  8. A centralized database with arbitrary customized subsets as personal scope of view for managed machines. Support for various export and import formats.

  9. Client, Server und Desktop Integration and Automation with the UnifiedSessionsManager. The provided user interface integrates consoles of physical and virtual machines and additionally the automated login into contained OSs, refer to ctys-configuration-Gnome.

Enhanced Themes

  1. Automation of configuration and installation of virtual machines.
    KVM+QEMU:ctys-configuration-QEMU , ctys-configuration-VBOX , ctys-configuration-VMW , ctys-configuration-XEN , ctys-createConfVM

  2. ctys-plugins - A systems check for actually present resources.

  3. MACROs - The key for workflow and test automation. Provided additionally the facilities for compex personal setups to be executed frequently. E.g. indirect multi-hop logins for VLANs and DMZ-bypassing.

  4. GROUPs - Automation of bulk-tasks for huge numbers of targeted machines.

  5. Automatic inventory scanner ctys-vdbgen - The 'effortless' colection of present virtual machines

  6. Multi monitor work environments - The management of parallel tasks and simplified analysis of complex distributed environments for systems administration, development and data mining.

  7. Firewall piercing with automated multi-hop SSH tunnels by ctys-beamer .

  8. Remote and distributed execution of cloned tasks by ctys-beamer .