June, 2010



ctys-extractARPlst - generates a list of mappings



   [-d <debug-args>]
   [-H <help-options>]
   [-p <db-dir-path>]


ctys-extractARPlst (Address-Resolution) generates a sorted list of 3-column table containing:

Alternatively output to stdout could be generated for usage in "/etc/ethers".


Therefore this tool uses a list of targets which has to be in the same segment as the executing machine. The list could contain any valid ctys <machine-address> or any <ctys-group> definition. The entities will be resolved and accessed as selected by options. The two methods are 'ping' which assures the basic TCP/IP-stack access, and 'arp' which lists the mapping as required. So the usage of this tool could be said providing 'real-in-time-data', without the limitation to static configured MAC-IP mapping, so recognizing pool-addresses too. But it's application is limited by the area of a single segment.

For additional segments the 'ctys-extractMAClst' tool should be used, which relies on configuration data for DHCP servers.

ctys-tools generally expect for input generated files with default column-order, which is defined by '-n'.




-d <debug-args>

Refer to "ctys" generic options for additional information.


Generates output for "/etc/ethers". This is required when using ether-wake for WoL, what is no longer supported by ctys.

The options "-n" and "-i" become in combination with "-E" a slightly different semantic:



Print help, refer to "-H" for additional information.

-H <help-option>

The extended help option is based on system interfaces for display of manpages, PDF and HTML documents. This comprises the man pages and installed manuals.

For additional help refer to the documents or type ctys -H help.

-p <db-dir-path>

Directory for data to be stored. This is - and has to be in this version - the same directory as used by ctys-vdbgen and ctys-vhost.

So each file-based ctys-DB requires it's own mapping file for now. This is going to be extended when the LDAP based addressing is introduced. Anyhow, this feature will remain, because it has some advantages for daily business when setting up small to medium networks or multiple test-environments.

The hard-coded filename is "macmap.cfdb"


Almost same as "-p", but takes default ctys-file-DB, provided by DEFAULT_DBPATHLST.

Default output is stdout.




Terse output format, effects "-V" when set left-of.



Any host within the same segment, will be ping-ed and arp-ed.



0: OK:
Result is valid.

1: NOK:
Erroneous parameters.

2: NOK:
Missing an environment element like files or databases.


ctys executables
ctys-extractMAClst(1), ctys-vping(1), ctys-vhost(1)


Written and maintained by Arno-Can Uestuensoez:

Maintenance: <<acue_sf1 (a) users sourceforge net>>
Homepage: <http://www.UnifiedSessionsManager.org>
Sourceforge.net: <http://sourceforge.net/projects/ctys>
Berlios.de: <http://ctys.berlios.de>
Commercial: <http://www.i4p.com>


Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Ingenieurbuero Arno-Can Uestuensoez

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