August, 2010



ctys-vping - extends ping with access validation



   [-d <debug-options>]
   [-H <help-options>]
   [-l <remote-account-for-ssh-mode>]


ctys-vping uses ctys address resolution (Address-Resolution) for resolving target addresses and validates accessibility by usage of "ping" only or when requested by combination of "ping" and "ssh" for assuring SSO access.

This particularly includes the usage of GROUPs including any options and context-options, where the resulting <exec-targets> are extracted and checked for their accesibility. In combination with the "-s" option this is a quite smart approach to check the SSH accesibility of the unmodified target list as supplied at the comman line or configured as GROUP. SUBTASKs by keywords are not supported by this version. Therefore the output is presented as a table, the input parameters are limited in comparison to native call of ping. The TCP/IP address is listed for additional usage of native ping, when extended analysis is required. The entities are resolved and accessed as selected by options. The two methods are "ping" which assures the basic TCP/IP-stack access, or the combined ssh-access, which performs a "ping" check first, following an remote call of "echo" by usage of ssh.

The default is to try the check once, which could be varied by the number of trials and the pre-delay before next attempt. These parameters could be set for ping and ssh based checks seperately.

For each successful passed entity the basic ssh access and SSO configuration could be seen as validated and accessible when SSH is included.




-d <debug-args>

Refer to "ctys" generic options for additional information.


Print help, refer to "-H" for additional information.

-H <help-option>

The extended help option is based on system interfaces for display of manpages, PDF and HTML documents. This comprises the man pages and installed manuals.

For additional help refer to the documents or type ctys -H help.


Displays the original raw input list of targets after expansion of GROUPs, the context options are displayed too.


Remote account for usage with -s option. When omitted the current USER is used.


Output of MACHINE addresses in TERSE("-X") mode only.


No checks are performed.


Number of attempts to get a ping-answer.


Timeout after each attempt to reach the ping-target.


Resolves not only "#include" of GROUPs, but also SUBGROUPs.


Activates additional SSH access test. When SSO is not configured properly, a password challange dialog occurs.


Number of attempts to proceed a successful ssh login.


Timeout after each attempt to proceed a successful ssh login.


Output of TCP/IP addresses in TERSE("-X") mode only.


Maximum number of threads for parallel execution. Default is '--threads=1'




Terse output format, effects "-V" when set left-of. When activated, the output is the resulting list as a simple space seperated string. In case of pre-checked mode successful checked entities are lsited only, remaining are suppressed.



Any target to be checked by host, will be ordinarily ping-ed after ctys-name-resolution to TCP/IP-address.



0: OK:
Result is valid.

1: NOK:
Erroneous parameters.

2: NOK:
Missing an environment element like files or databases.


ctys executables
ctys-extractARPlst(1), ctys-extractMAClst(1), ctys-genmconf(1), ctys-vhost(1)

system executables
dig(1), dmidecode(8), ether-tool(8), host(1), ping(1)


Written and maintained by Arno-Can Uestuensoez:

Maintenance: <<acue_sf1 (a) users sourceforge net>>
Homepage: <http://www.UnifiedSessionsManager.org>
Sourceforge.net: <http://sourceforge.net/projects/ctys>
Berlios.de: <http://ctys.berlios.de>
Commercial: <http://www.i4p.com>


Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Ingenieurbuero Arno-Can Uestuensoez

For BASE package following licenses apply,

This document is part of the DOC package,

For additional information refer to enclosed Releasenotes and License files.