Supported Browsers

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The browsers Firefox and Iceweasel are fully supported and tested. Konqueror works almost completely fine.


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Introduction into base concepts and interfaces, including the depiction of an overall blueprint.

Datasheet: Virtualisation and Cloud Computing as a personal Workspace

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The main aspect for the common application by individual users in a private subset of 'clouds' is the actual usability of the required personal administrations and access tools for daily tasks. The UnifiedSessionsManager provides facilities especially designed for the simplified personal usage within heterogeneous IT environments comprising various vendors.

Whitepaper: "UnifiedSessionsManager - A Service Management Approach for CloudComputing"

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The application of virtualization and CloudComputing services with the UnifiedSessionsManager as your personal Service-Manager for Private-Clouds and Public-Clouds.

Online: HTML / PDF

For each Requirement the appropriate Virtualization-Solution

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The "UnifiedSessionsManager" enables the opportunity for application of various systems from several domains suitable for the specific task by integration of hypervisors and emulators from multiple vendors.


The simplified standard interface is applicable for usage and administration of physical and virtual machines. This additionally comprices tools for installation, inventory management, archiving, and administration.

Examples are:

  1. Usage of pre-configured appliances, test and demonstration systems by a common interface.
    E.g. VMware-Appliances for Server/Player/Workstation, Appliances from for Xen and VMware, OS-Appliances from for QEMU, DomU Appliances for Xen, Embedded-Appliances for QEMU. e.g. RTEMS, with VirtualBox, or CPU emulation from with QEMU.

  2. Mobile Multi-Site Application
    Flexibility by widely used mayor products, e.g. solutions based on VMware(TM) products.

  3. Database Development, Cluster Solutions
    Performant Solutions based on server oriented open source systems with KVM/QEMU, Xen, and OpenVZ.

  4. Embedded and Cross Development
    Versatility by CPU Emulation with QEMU as an open source solution.

  5. Virtualization and Systems Simulation
    The partial or complete simulation of systems by usage of virtualized components enables flexible and scalable simulations systems.

Yet Another Integration Framework - The UnifiedSessionsManager - Your personal CloudComposer

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Slides depicting the concepts and fields of targeted application.

Unified Sessions - User Centric Service Clouds - Interface Concepts

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Slides depicting the base concepts of interface design for personal cloud services.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing - SOA and SaaS

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The UnifiedSessionsManager provides a personal toolset for automation and location independent operations of virtual machines - as services. Therefore an integration framework for various hypervisors, remote access utilities and local desktop functionality is provided.

The integration of physical and virtual machines founds the toolset for personal application of services within private and public Cloud-Computing environments. This is provided by the contained utilities for application of conceptual v-components. these could be nested into assembled services by v-stack.

GUI-Automation - Four Steps to your personal Cloud

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The UnifiedSessionsManager offers with just 4 Steps teh automated collection of all present virtual machines into a database and from than on their graphical start. Vendor independent, seamless integrated for virtual and physical machines, and consoles and logins into GuestOS. Custom applications provided as individual plugins.

Client, Server, and Desktop Integration and Automation with the UnifiedSessionsManager

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The UnifiedSessionsManager offers a graphical interface for the Integration and Automation of Client, Server, and Desktop Virtualisation. The tiny application 'gnome-starter' integrates the internal database into a graphical starter application. Therefore all virtual and physical machines are registered automatically within the central database and could be started by a mouse-click afterwards.

The provided user interface integrates consoles of physical and virtual machines and additionally the automated login into contained OSs.

Kick-Off: Version-01.11 - 'Masada'

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Kick-off for Version-01.11 - 'Masada',

  1. Flyer: UnifiedSessionsManager - Your Freedom on Top of The Clouds
  2. Poster: UnifiedSessionsManager - OpenSource+OpenDoc
  3. Flyer: UnifiedSessionsManager - Ihr persönlicher CloudComposer

  4. Datasheet for Sytemadministrators - Version-01.11

  5. Datasheet for SW-Developer and Tester - Version-01.11
  6. Datasheet for Module and Systemtests - Version-01.11

  7. Datasheet for Single-User - Version-01.11

Why choosen 'Masada'?

After all the unfair competition still resist and feel proud to live on a planet, where these people lived before.