Verified Compatibility Lists

Hypervisor Compatibility List - pdf
GuestOS Compatibility List - pdf
Native Plugin Compatibility List - pdf
Client Plugins Compatibility List - pdf

Major Common Utilities

ctys-distribute - Distributed installation of ctys.(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-plugins - Verification of runtime components. (FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-createConfVM - Creation and modification of VMs. new features html pdf
ctys-cloneVM - Duplication of VMs and templates. new html pdf
ctys-convertVM - Convertion of VMs. ffs. ffs.
ctys-relocateVM - Relocation of stored VMs and/or active runtime-processes. ffs. ffs.
ctys-attribute - Management of attributes for VMs, PMs, and plugins. new html pdf


Login sessions and automation interfaces.


ctys-CLI(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-CLI(FDL-1.3) html pdf


ctys-RDP(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-RDP(FDL-1.3) html pdf


ctys-VNC(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-VNC(FDL-1.3) html pdf


ctys-X11(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-X11(FDL-1.3) html pdf


Management of virtual machines - Hypervisors.


ctys-uc-OVZ ffs. ffs.


ctys-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-configuration-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-uc-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-setupVDE - Setup of Virtual Distributed Ethernet. html pdf


ctys-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf


ctys-VMW - VMware-Server / Workstation / Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-VMW - VMware-Server / Workstation / Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-VMW - VMware-Server / Workstation / Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-configuration-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-configuration-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) ffs. ffs.


ctys-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-configuration-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) ffs. ffs.


Management of physiacl machines.

ctys-PM html pdf
ctys-uc-PM html pdf
ctys-uc-IPMI ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-WoL html pdf