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Social Networks

Social Networks offer a wide range of interaction with people with sharing common interests. These particularly provide a number of contacts and geographical span, which was even not imaginable a few years ago. Therefore related to the project theese are seen as a natural extension of the link of OpenSource development to their users.

Several techniques provide the distribution of information to a wide variety of recipient interests. These comprise here mainly:

  • Software propagation
  • Document propagation
  • Slide propagation
  • Link propagation
  • Blogging
  • Forwarding of Micro-Articles
  • Forwarding of bookmark compositions as themes of link collections
  • Realtime feeds for feature evolution steps
  • Forward to ranking communities of actual humans

This help page is inspired by the article BBC News - Social bookmarking links which gives a good practical introduction.

How does it work?

All of presented links are free to use but require to be a resgistered user. Once you have an account just click the related symbol and login.

Which services do you link to?

The sevices selected are primarily choosen for their relation to IT technology, particularly checked whether articles related to virtualization and CloudComputing are present. Therefore these are selected for IT relation and size of the reacheable community. Thus may be more or less of interest for geeks and technology enthusiasts as well as for pragmatic IT professionals - not for soft-skill socializing only.

Current links?

For now some selected links are offered with available documents and information, as well as for support of this projects by linking and forwarding it to the community. Provided information by the project UnifiedSessionsManager