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ctys-01.11 - Masada
Release=01.11.017 - 2012.08.18/00:50

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Licenses - pdf

Introduction into Basic concepts

Virtualisation and Cloud Computing as a personal Workspace datasheet
Your personal CloudComposer
A short overview of concepts and applications.
User Centric Service Clouds
A short overview of basic features and user interfaces.
GUI-Automation - Four Steps to your personal Cloud
Just 4 Steps for the automation of inventory creation and menue
integration of distributed PMS and VMs.
Basics of Distributed Operations - The Revived Private Clouds
Distributed Operations with SSO, NFS, and Virtualized Machines.


UnifiedSessionsManager -
A Service Management Approach for CloudComputing
html pdf

Main Conceptual Blue-Prints

Systems Interconnection
Remote Client - Secure DISPLAYFORWARDING png
Local Client - Secure CONNECTIONFORWARDING png
User Interface
Virtual Components - Virtual Network Desktops png
Local Virtual Desktops - Logical Display Addressing png
Distributed Virtual Desktops - Logical Addressing of Remote-Displays png
Virtual Component Infrastructure - Virtual Networks
Virtual Switch png
Virtual Interconnection png
Virtual Network Infrastructure with VDE for QEMU/KVM png
Virtual Stacks - Interconnections png
Virtual Stack Hierarchies - Vertical Networks with VDE png
Address-Data-Resolution - Virtual Network Services png
Generic Address Syntax  
Common Address Syntax - <machine-address> and <group-address> html


ctys-help-on html pdf
ctys-user-manual-online - pdf
ctys-howto-online - pdf
ctys-command-reference-online - pdf

Installation and Configuration

ctys-configuration-Gnome html pdf
ctys-configuration-KDE html pdf
ctys-configuration-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-configuration-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-createConfVM html pdf
ctys-configuration-VMW - VMware-Server/Workstation/Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-configuration-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) html pdf
ctys-distribute html pdf
ctys-genmconf html pdf
ctys-install html pdf
ctys-install1 html pdf
ctys-plugins html pdf
ctys-setupVDE html pdf
ctys-vdbgen html pdf
ctys-xdg html pdf

Operational Use-Cases for Hypervisors and Plugins

ctys-uc-CLI html pdf
ctys-uc-IPMI ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-OVZ ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-PM html pdf
ctys-uc-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-uc-RDP html pdf
ctys-uc-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-VMW - VMware-Server/Workstation/Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-VNC html pdf
ctys-uc-WoL html pdf
ctys-uc-X11 html pdf
ctys-uc-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) ffs. ffs.

Operational Use-Cases for VM and Guest-Setups

ctys-uc-Android - QEMU/KVM, VBOX html pdf
ctys-uc-CentOS - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW, XEN html pdf
ctys-uc-Debian - QEMU/KVM, VBOX html pdf
ctys-uc-Fedora - QEMU/KVM ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-FreeBSD ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MeeGo - QEMU/KVM, VBOX html pdf
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-2008 - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-7 - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-XP - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-OpenBSD - VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-OpenSUSE - QEMU/KVM ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-QNX - QEMU/KVM, VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-RHEL - QEMU/KVM, VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-Solaris - VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-Ubuntu - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW, XEN ffs. ffs.

Special Purpose Use-Cases

ctys-uc-FreeDOS - Balder based BIOS-Update-Stick html pdf
ctys-uc-Knoppix - QEMU/KVM based Custom-Boot-Stick creation ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-CompileFarms - QEMU/KVM, VMW, VBOX, Xen ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-GPGPUFarms - QEMU/KVM, VMW, VBOX, Xen ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-DatabaseClusters - QEMU/KVM, VMW, VBOX, Xen ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-HighVolume-Data-Simulations - QEMU/KVM, VMW, VBOX, Xen ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-Multi-Platform-RegressionTests - QEMU/KVM, VMW, VBOX, Xen ffs. ffs.

Runtime Components

ctys html pdf
ctys-beamer html pdf
ctys-config html pdf
ctys-CLI html pdf
ctys-dnsutil html pdf
ctys-extractARPlst html pdf
ctys-extractMAClst html pdf
ctys-getNetInfo html pdf
ctys-groups html pdf
ctys-macmap html pdf
ctys-macros html pdf
ctys-PM html pdf
ctys-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-RDP html pdf
ctys-scripts html pdf
ctys-smbutil html pdf
ctys-utilities html pdf
ctys-vboxutils html pdf
ctys-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-vhost html pdf
ctys-VMW - VMware-Server/Workstation/Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-vmw2utils html pdf
ctys-VNC html pdf
ctys-vping html pdf
ctys-wakeup html pdf
ctys-X11 html pdf
ctys-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-xen-network-bridge html pdf

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License: GFDL-1.3


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