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VMware-ESXi builder - mkesxiaio/esxbuilder (show/hide)

As an Agile DevOps: "In the project role of a Senior Systems Engineer and DevOps for infrastructure tasks I want to be able performing offline blue-print tests on a portable and autonomous micro-datacenter."

The original base 'mkesxiaio' supports ESXi-3.x, 4.x, and requires on-line internet access. So patched for offline build of various setups for commodity HW based test machines and laptops, with emphasis on non-intrusive USB devices. ESXi-5.1 works from the box.

In agreement with the original author Varazin this project is reactivated. Due to upcoming Python recoding for the platforms Linux/Windows/Mac-OS including ESX-5.x a new project is created at named esxbuilder.

Now at mkesxiaio / esxbuilder