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Internal Technical Platform - Version-1.x

Simplicity for the User - A challange behind the scene


Technically a full scale PC could be installed within an emulator just like to a real PC. This is now much simpler than the use of any physical PC. The modern emulation programs are called Hypervisors and are provided by multiple vendors. Some are even compatible on various platforms, a so called virtual machine could be used unmodified on Windows Operating Systems as well as on Linux and MacOS - the most flexibility ever available.

The following List represents some of the most popular products for end users and datacenters.

Virtual Desktops

Technically multiple types of access consoles are required for interconnection to desktops on various Operating-Systems. These could be either proprietary consoles provided by the vendor, or a generic component of a compatible interface.

The USM supports almost the full range of vendor provided consoles, as well as of standard virtual desktops, including any Windows, Linux, and (soon)Apple-MacOS.

For advanced applications additionally the BSD and Solaris systems are supported.

Total Security

Each connection including graphical desktops is encrypted by default based on usage of secure protocols. This comprises all types of virtual desktops such as Microsoft Windows™, Apple MacOS™, and various types of Linux desktops.

Security Builders

Each connection including graphical desktops is encrypted by default with SSH. Therefore the data is safely tunneled threw connections which could not be read by third persons.