ctys-01.11 - Masada

Releasenotes - Contains basic install receipt.(FDL-1.3) - pdf
Licenses(FDL-1.3) - pdf


Online display:

ctys-help-on(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-user-manual-online - pdf
ctys-howto-online - pdf
ctys-command-reference-online - pdf

For printing:

ctys-user-manual-print - pdf
ctys-howto-print - pdf
ctys-command-reference-print - pdf


ctys-CLI(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-configuration-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-configuration-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-VMW - VMware-Server / Workstation / Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-configuration-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-configuration-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) html pdf
ctys-PM html pdf
ctys-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-RDP(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-VMW - VMware-Server / Workstation / Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-VNC(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-X11(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) ffs. ffs.


ctys-attribute - Management of attributes for VMs, PMs, and plugins. new html pdf
ctys(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-beamer html pdf
ctys-cloneVM - Duplication of VMs and templates. new html pdf
ctys-config html pdf
ctys-convertVM - Conversion of VMs. ffs. ffs.
ctys-createConfVM - Creation and modification of VMs. new html pdf
ctys-distribute - Distributed installation of ctys.(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-dnsutil html pdf
ctys-extractARPlst html pdf
ctys-extractMAClst html pdf
ctys-getNetInfo html pdf
ctys-genmconf - Creation of PM configuration and evaluation of perfomance-indexes. html pdf
ctys-groups html pdf
ctys-install - Internal base-installer, apply ctys-distribute. html pdf
ctys-install1 - Internal base-installer, apply ctys-distribute. html pdf
ctys-macmap html pdf
ctys-macros html pdf
ctys-plugins - Verification of runtime components.(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-relocateVM - Relocation of stored VMs and/or active runtime-processes. ffs. ffs.
ctys-scripts html pdf
ctys-setupVDE - Setup of Virtual Distributed Ethernet. html pdf
ctys-smbutil html pdf
ctys-utilities html pdf
ctys-vboxutils html pdf
ctys-vdbgen - Automated collection of inventory data. html pdf
ctys-vhost html pdf
ctys-vmw2utils html pdf
ctys-vping html pdf
ctys-wakeup html pdf
ctys-xdg - Setup of Open Desktop - XDG - custom menues. html pdf
ctys-xen-network-bridge html pdf

GUI-Setup - Custom Menu-Creation

ctys-configuration-Gnome html pdf
ctys-configuration-KDE html pdf


Machine States - MAGICID for ACTIVE, BACKUP, DISABLED, ... new html pdf


Configuration of custom packages for remote installation new html pdf
Setup of a single and multiple-Sites new html pdf
Verification of the setup for the UnifiedSessionsManager new html pdf
Setup of a local web-mirror for the UnifiedSessionsManager new html pdf
Cloning of VMs new html pdf
Configuration and changes of VMs new html pdf
Conversion of VMs ffs. ffs.
Network Storage Design - Execution Relocation - Smart directory trees new html pdf
NIC Bonding/Teaming for HOSTs of VMs ffs. ffs.
Private IP Addresses ffs. ffs.
Private MAC Addresses html pdf
Stub-Mode vs. Non-Stub-Mode ffs. ffs.
Virtual Firewalls ffs. ffs.
Virtual Networks ffs. ffs.
Virtual Network Services and Single-Sign-On ffs. ffs.
Virtual Routers ffs. ffs.
Virtual Switches ffs. ffs.
Virtual Distributed Multi-Host Networks ffs. ffs.


Inventory based access and management of data ffs. ffs.
Typical Installation Faults ffs. ffs.
Typical Network Issues ffs. ffs.


ctys-uc-Android(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX html pdf
ctys-uc-CentOS - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW, XEN html pdf
ctys-uc-CLI(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-Debian - QEMU/KVM, VBOX html pdf
ctys-uc-Fedora - QEMU/KVM ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-FreeBSD ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-IPMI ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MeeGo - QEMU/KVM, VBOX html pdf
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-2000(TM) Legacy-Archive - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-2003(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-2008(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-7(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-NT(TM) Legacy-Archive - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-MS-Windows-XP(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-OpenBSD - VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-OpenSUSE - QEMU/KVM ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-OVZ ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-PM html pdf
ctys-uc-QEMU - QEMU(TM) + KVM html pdf
ctys-uc-QNX(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-RDP(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-RHEL(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-Solaris(TM) - VBOX ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-Ubuntu(TM) - QEMU/KVM, VBOX, VMW, XEN ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-uCLinux - ARM7/9/11 ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-Unbreakable-Linux (ALL) ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-VBOX - Oracle-VirtualBox(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-VMW - VMware-Server / Workstation / Player(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-VMWEi - VMware-ESXi(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-VMWE - VMware-ESX(TM) ffs. ffs.
ctys-uc-VNC(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-WoL html pdf
ctys-uc-X11(FDL-1.3) html pdf
ctys-uc-XEN(TM) html pdf
ctys-uc-XENS - Citrix-XenServer(TM) ffs. ffs.